ad+ financial smart money – September/October 2021

Welcome to our latest edition.  Inside, we look at how having a financial plan in place early on can make it easier to manage your money further down the line.  It’s never too early to make a financial plan.  The sooner you work out your goals and start following a plan to achieve them, the more likely you are to succeed.  On page 06 there are three (3) key questions to ask yourself when building your financial plan.  Don’t forget: vision without action is merely a dream.

ad+ financial smart money – July/August 2021

Welcome to our latest edition.  Inside this issue, the unique combination of tax breaks and flexible access available to pensions makes them a compelling choice when saving for retirement.  Page 08 looks at one of the key benefits of saving into a pension rather than another type of savings or investment vehicle, i.e. the relatively generous tax relief you’re entitled to receive.  Making the most of pension saving involves maximising tax relief and allowances which could substantially boost your retirement savings.